Numbers for the Week

My numbers for the week are pretty much same as last week, across he board. Been a little slack this week for reason. Yesterday was my 50th birthday, and yes I had cake. Ice Cream Cake!  And I got this awesome kettlebell as a gift. Getting back to working out and hunkerin’ down my carbs next week!


Week 19 Numbers

This was switchover week for me, going from Slow Carb to Paleo, and down 2 more lbs. I did fall of the fitness wagon this week, so losing 2 lbs without working out is great! I plan to start getting back to workouts tomorrow. I’m looking forward to next week’s numbers.

Weight = 212
Body Fat = 28.4%
BMI = 30.4
Total Inches = 208.125

Weekly Change
Weight = -2 lb
Body Fat = -.3%
BMI = -.3
Total Inches = -1.375

Change From Start (19 wks)
Weight = -29 lb
Body Fat = -5.5%
BMI = -4.2 points
Inches = -20.75

From Slow Carb to Paleo

After 18 weeks of Slow Carb I finally decided to make the transition over to Paleo.  While I’m still losing weight, it has consistently slowed.  I think my body has adapted to the weight loss via Slow Carb so I’m doing an experiment over the next few weeks to see how I adapt and see if I can get back to losing two or three pounds per week.  There’s still a lot of 4HB that I’m still going to apply, but simply going more Paleo.  I’ll also be making some changes to the blog to reflect the coexistence of both 4HB and Paleo as sound diet choices. I’m happy with almost 30 lbs of weight loss on Slow Carb but went into this knowing I’d have to find and move to a maintenance diet.  I think it’s about time to make the transition.  Now, onward and forward to the next 30 lbs of weight loss!

Week 18 Numbers

Down another lb and another 1.75 inches! Good week, I’d like to see more weight loss, but I’ll take the inches. The success story for this week is that I had to replace all my shorts with 34’s. I haven’t worn a 34 in years. Wow.

Weight = 214
Body Fat = 28.5%
BMI = 30.7
Total Inches = 209.5

Weekly Change
Weight = -1 lb
Body Fat = No Change
BMI = -.1
Total Inches = -1.75

Change From Start (18 wks)
Weight = -27 lb
Body Fat = -5.2%
BMI = -3.9 points
Inches = -19.375

Week 17 Numbers

Numbers look a little better this week. Only down a pound, but down another 1.5 inches. I’ll take that! I think I broke the plateau.

Weight = 216
Body Fat = 28.5%
BMI = 31.1
Total Inches = 211.25

Weekly Change
Weight = -1 lb
Body Fat = -.4%
BMI = -.2
Total Inches = -1.5

Change From Start (17 wks)
Weight = -26 lb
Body Fat = -5.2%
BMI = -3.8 points
Inches = -17.625

Rushfit – Week 1 Down

I made it through the first week of Rushfit and I didn’t Tap. Yay me! In the past 7 days, there were 6 days of some sort of workout. For cardio, I’ve just been walking… fast. Today is a Rest Day and tomorrow is the Strength and Endurance workout, with Monday being another Cardio Day. Oddly enough, even after only one week, I already feel stronger and improved! While I didn’t match every move or workout that Erik Owings has laid out, I think I did pretty good and modified as I needed. Reminder that I have bad hip, so Sprawls and Burpees are a little rough. But every workout should get closer and better.

The other thing that has been kind of rough is time management. Frankly, I like morning workouts. But, when I need to go to the office, I’m usually up around 4:30 in the morning. My morning routine is eat, shower, and bolt. I would need to get up at 3am to get a workout before I leave. Well… that ain’t happening. I need to man-up and simply get used to working out in the evening.

So overall, here’s my review for week one: … I am better, faster, and stronger than I was last week. Keep it going!

Week 16 Numbers & 4 Month Recap

My 4 month #4HB Anniversary! Here’s my numbers and photos for the 4 month recap:

Weight = 216
Body Fat = 28.9%
BMI = 30.0
Total Inches = 212.75

Weekly Change
Weight = -1 lb
Body Fat = -.3
BMI = -0.1
Total Inches = +1/2

Change From Start (16 wks)
Weight = -25 lb
Body Fat = -4.8%
BMI = -3.6 points
Total Inches = -16.125

This past month I really hit a hard plateau. I changed things up last week and things are starting to slowly move again. I stopped taking PAGG, upped the exercise using Rushfit, and am trying to eat larger portions. It seems to be working, lost another pound this week. The next couple of weeks will tell.

4 Month Charts

4 Month Photos